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Construction of the Our Lady of Fatima Chapel inside the Cebu Caritas Farm in Tal-ot, Barili was very close to completion; only the façade was not yet painted. At dawn on December 16, 2021, the Chapel celebrated its first Misa de Gallo with the farming community. Who could have guessed that a few hours later, Typhoon Odette would blow off the roof, completely damage the ceiling, and smash the new stained glass windows? Even the electrical wiring was ripped off.




Tanging Yaman Foundation is providing P1,3356,712 to Cebu Caritas for the rehabilitation of the Our Lady of Fatima Chapel. Scaffolding has been erected for the removal of the remaining sheets of the damaged roof and ceiling, which will be replaced. The rehab also covers retrofitting and strengthening the structure. AM+DG

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