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Tanging Yaman Foundation Donates 10 Solar Lamps to Sarangani Manobo Lumads and B'laan's

solar solution beneficiariesThe Mother of Perpetual Help,  Redemptorist Davao Mission Community, under the supervision of Bro. Carlito M. Gaspar CSsR, solicited the help of Tanging Yaman Foundation in providing Solar Lamps to Sarangani Manobo Lumads and a few B'laan living in five sitios in two barangays of Davao Occidental. The solar lamps would aid the Manobo-B'laan in pusuing their application for a Certificate of Ancestral Domain Title (CADT); which could somehow hopefully hinder the exploitation and alienation that they have reportedly been encountering in their lands. There being no electricity in their barangays and working the fields to plant in the day time being imperative for survival; their only time to come together and meet as one community is after dark after they would have seen to their families food and living needs.

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