Bilibid Stories from Fr Eli Lumbo, SJ of the Philippine Jesuit Prison Service:

It is a Blessed Monday!!! I was in the Ateneo again to get donations of vegetables and others from Tanging Yaman Foundation (TYF). The beneficiaries are the PDLs in the Correctional Institution for Women. The Bucor officer that I had coordinated with and who was in the Ateneo to pick up the donation sent me a message that the women were very happy. Her message mentioned that the women said, "ito na yung sinabi ni Father Eli." I felt their joy. I felt that they felt blessed. And I am very happy!!!




I had told them in yesterday's Sunday Mass, that their share of vegetables were coming today. They clapped their hands and praised God. And the donations arrived these morning, to their delight and consolation even. The donations were 40 kilograms of eggplants, 50 kilograms of mung beans (monggo), 32 kilograms of okra, 75 kilograms of chayotte, 100 kilograms of sweet potatoes, 55 kilograms of banana (saba), 30 kilograms of bitter gourd, 2 crates of dried fish and 3 boxes of instant noodles. We were given additional okra and beans as well as women's underwear. I feel happy for them. I feel like they have an experience of God's love and mercy through the provision which I am told would last a week. Truly overjoyed!


Last Sunday (July 11), I had shared with them that we were getting donations of more than 1,000 kilos of vegetables and dried fish from TYF which we gave to the male PDLs in the Maximum Security Compound. The female PDLs asked me, "paano naman kami?" So a day or two after, I sent a message to TYF and asked if it was possible to ask for another set of donations. I immediately got an affirmative response. And I was so happy. In my heart, I knew the women would be very happy.


Indeed, a Blessed Monday. The female PDLs are happy. I am happy. AND I know, our God is happy. #BilibidStories


July 19, 2021
Roll out of Supplemental Aid to
Third Batch of 25 Parishes/Institutions

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