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“Supporting a worthy cause is but the right thing to do. My health picture is not very promising. Thank you for everything.”

This is Former President Noynoy Aquino’s response to Fr Manoling Francisco’s Thank You message on his last personal donation made to Tanging Yaman Foundation, few months before his passing.



#SalamatPnoy! You are indeed a true-blue Atenean, living out the Ignatian values and virtues despite your own human weaknesses.

In remembrance of PNoy's life and in celebration of TYF's 25th Anniversary, 385 members of the ADMU Community received vegetable packs on the recently concluded 7th ADMU Community Pantry.

Nawa'y lagi nating piliin ang TAMA at tahakin ang TUWID na daan.

ad majorem Dei gloriam.

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