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3-in-1 Chapel for Sta Rita de Cascia Chapel in Bantoto, Abaraoan, Roxas

Work is underway to construct a second 3-in-1 chapel in the Apostolic Vicariate of Taytay, Palawan. The Sta Rita de Cascia Chapel is located in Bantoto, Abaraoan, Roxas.




Like many areas in the Philippines, northern Palawan was drenched by Typhoon Egay and the habagat rains in July. The construction site and surrounding area was flooded. The water has since receded, and construction resumed. Barring more destructive weather conditions, the chapel is due to be finished by October 2023.

TYF has supported the construction of 3-in-1 chapels in Palawan and Siargao as part of its Super Typhoon Odette rehab projects. A 3-in-1 chapel can be used for mass and religious gatherings. In the spirit of inclusivity, it can also be used for community meetings as well as an evacuation center during humanitarian emergencies.

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