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A Little from Many Becomes a Lot

  Rebuilding the homes of the millions of dispossessed is a pressing need.  Thus, among our many projects, TYF will reconstruct 100 houses each in Bantayan Island, Guiuan and Ormoc. We are two-thirds through building 100 houses in Bohol, which was devastated by the 7.2 magnitude earthquake last October 15, 2013. 

But such is only possible by networking with other institutions.  For instance, Mary the Queen Parish has sponsored the construction of 40 of the 100 houses in Ormoc, a project spear-headed by the Claretians.  Pentecost Parish in Loyola Heights has provided funds to rebuild 60 houses in Bagtik, Bohol, monitored by Fr Reuben and the Association of Women Religious in Tagbilaran.  Charis Singapore has pledged to cover the construction cost of 100 houses in Bantayan Island, supervised by Fr. Roy and Fr. Rere of Sta. Fe Parish.

            Another urgent need is to restore the livelihood of the survivors of Typhoon Yolanda.  For farming communities, this entails providing capital for seedlings, fertilizers and farming implements.  For fishing communities, fishing boats and gears.

Fishing Boats.  In coordination with the Archdiocese of Palo and LEAD, we will be providing boats and gears to as many families in Palo, Leyte, Sagay City, Negros Occidental, and Ajuy, Iloilo for whom fishing is their main source of income.Photo courtesy of <a href=

The Archdiocese of Palo is raising funds to build 600 paddle boats, 10-12 feet long, each costing P15,000.  These are used for fishing in shallow coastal waters.  Funds are also needed to build 300 pilot boats, 30-35http://stevedeneef.com/" width="170"> feet long, costing P50,000 each.  These are used for deep-sea fishing. Aside from boats, fisher folks also need fishing gears, a set of which rangers from P5-10,000. 

            We are deeply grateful to the ICA Alumnae Association for the donation of P220,000 which will constitute part of the initial P2 million fund to provide fishing boats and gears for families in the above-mentioned communities. 

            Other Livelihood Programs.  Further still, in partnership with Hapinoy and CORD, we’ve allocated P500,000 to help sari-sari store owners restock and resume operations in the Visayas..  In partnership with the Diocese of Calbayog, we are helping around 200 rural women in their white leghorn egg-laying livelihood program.  We’ve set aside another P2 million for livelihood project proposals that are still being designed by various parishes and NGOs.

            The needs of the 4 million displaced and dispossessed Filipinos are overwhelming; the task of rebuilding, herculean.  But the resiliency of the survivors is inspiring and the generosity of donors from all over consoling.

            Once again, thank you to the ICA Alumnae Association for helping our people rebuild their lives.

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