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In April 2022, onion farmers in Nueva Ecija and Mindoro begged TYF to buy their produce, which traders were buying from them for just P8/kg. At the end of the year, onions were in such short supply (and poor quality), their prices going as high as P650/kg that these were considered a luxury item.

And yet local farmers never benefited from the exorbitant price hikes. They are often at the mercy of traders, the vagaries of inclement weather, and competition from cheap imports.

In January 2023, TYF purchased 3.35 tons red & white onions from Nueva Ecija and 600 kg of tomatoes from Pangasinan. By buying directly from farmers at prices determined from them, TYF helps ensure that farmers derive higher income from a more equitable trading system. At the same time, consumers in Metro Manila benefit by paying below market prices.

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